Shortly About Us

At Holy Cross Preschool, we recognize that the preschool years are an important time of transition when our students desire to find their place among family, community and Church. We offer our students a warm and nurturing environment to make this transition that respects the dignity of each child.

As part of Holy Cross School, we seek to foster the spiritual, emotional, educational and physical development of each of our students, in accordance to their own individual needs, gifts and talents. We provide a highly interactive learning experience to develop strong social skills and encourage a love of education.


Our Holy Cross Preschool teachers are exceptional and each brings years of early childhood education experience. Their love of children is immediately evident and they provide an environment filled with rich materials that encourage their students to explore the world around them.

What We Do

  • Religion/Spiritual Development
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Art
  • Music/Movement
  • Spanish
  • Social-Emotional Development

Our Advantages

Student Teacher Ratio

State licensing requirement is one teacher to twelve children. Our school strives to maintain a one to eight ratio.








We are not "just a Preschool," we are part of a larger community that consists of our Parish and Elementary school. The Preschool attends many school and Parish events throughout the year.





Programs / Curriculum

We have a strong curriculum that supports various programs such as, Handwriting without Tears, Raising A Reader, SEEDS of Early Literacy, integrated ipad technology and monthly themed activities.


When I first sent my daughter to preschool, she was a sweet yet timid two year old. We sent her because we wanted her to have some peer interaction. When she first went to school, she was very nervous and cried. The teachers were extremely helpful in her transition and always followed her lead. They did whatever they needed to do to make her feel comfortable. Now, my three year old is outgoing, talkative, and has so many friends! At three, she is writing her name, singing her ABC's counting to 16 and there is no doubt in my mind that this came from Holy Cross. I cannot wait to see what the next few years hold for us!

Jessica Snyder

We have had multiple family members attend Holy Cross School. We realized it was time for our son to start learning and growing away from us, and were worried about separation issues, therefore we were apprehensive. The staff was so helpful to our family during his transition. Our son has adapted so well to the staff and teachers at Holy Cross Preschool, that we have considered leaving him there full-time. He does better for his teachers than he does us! Thank you Holy Cross Preschool.


KP Patel

Holy Cross Preschool has been a very nurturing environment for our child. He received lots of personal attention and is excited to go to school every day. He loves all the fun art projects and playing on the playground. Holy Cross Preschool was a very positive and enriching experience for our family.


Christine Labagh